Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Foxy's story!

I think it's about time to introduce my new(er) doggie, Foxy. I've actually had him since last July, but never quite got around to putting pics on here, and thought I'd tell you his story - Are you sitting comfortably?... Then I'll begin....

It was a Monday morning, when I looked at the computer screen....."Spiderman, canine, possible PTS - aggressive" - which is to be interpreted as "keep your hands in your pockets if you value your fingers".

I went into the waiting room to find a young mother in tears with a small innocent-looking dog under her chair, wagging his tail. They entered the consulting room and the lady explained to me that she could not keep "Spiderman" anymore as he had started to become aggressive with her children. The local rehoming centres would not take him with the history she had given so she needed to have him put to sleep. I looked down at the cheerful little chap, still wagging his tail (stood next to her son). I asked about his behaviour in other respects and was told that he was not good with other dogs, or in the car, had never been vaccinated, castrated, wormed/de-flea-ed or microchipped, but did like cats, and enjoyed playing with a ball. With this in mind, I asked her permission for us to keep him and attempt to rehome him through the practice. She agreed as she was clearly heartbroken at the idea of euthanasia, and she signed him over to us.

Everyone fell in love with him - he must have had about 10 walks a day as well as cuddles in abundance. A receptionist immediately got on the phone to rehoming centres, who said that he would be more appealing if neutered (keeps their costs down and better for new owners). We appealed to the boss to let me do that "on the house", which he agreed to (having fallen in love too). So Tuesday morning came and went, and he recovered well from his little op. Wednesday afternoon he went behind reception with the other staff dogs - no problem. That evening as I was consulting, the receptionist said that he was waiting for me to come out of the room, and that I should take him home as he obviously wanted to be with me!!

Spoke to Dad that night, and he said no way. So Thursday afternoon I took him home (to see if he got on with our Labradoodle Ben) - if he didn't the decision was easy, as a rehoming centre had actually called to say they had space. I put him in an oversized cat basket in the car, in case he didn't like travelling (as I'd been told)....good as gold. And he got on fine with Benny, so he stayed! He went to work with me everyday, where it was decided that he looked more like a Foxy than a Spiderman, and when I moved jobs he sat beside me in the car - my little buddy!

He does like to play with a ball, and he does like cats - to chase. But he has NEVER been aggressive towards any children we have encountered on a walk, but then I would never leave any dog alone with a child.

The lesson...... Don't always believe everything people say, especially when they don't want an animal anymore.

Oh, he also enjoys sunbathing:
Surfing the web:
And even a bit of reading:

But most of all he likes to wrap everyone round his little toe!!


Crystal said...

AWWW Esme how sweet, i just love animals, what great and adorable pics..thanks for sharing with us!

Dazie said...

Oh he is adorable!!! And so lucky to have found a forever home with you!

Hazel (Didos) said...

He is sooo sweet, I too have fallen in love with him. What a cutie!!! Hazelxox