Thursday, 8 April 2010

WOYWW - very very late!

Ok, so I didn't get round to posting this yesterday (only took the pic), and unfortunately haven't visited any of the other lovely desks this week, as I've been getting some experience at my "foster practice" as it were. And had induction for my new part time job yesterday so all a bit hectic!!

As you can see, there's been a lot of printing, and a bit of colouring going on. That was my lunch (that I had at about 2pm in the end). Hopefully might get round to doing something with all these images soon!! Hope you've all visited Julia's blog already to see what everyone's up to!!

I'll try to be on time next week!!


Cher~ said...

Wonderfully colored images and so neat. I would have little scribbles on all the edges. ;-)

Mandy - Crafty Angel said...

you got loads coloured in...and so perfectly too! I really love the sentiment stamps you have printed out!


Anonymous said...

Lots of great colouring Esme and is that a Club biscuit I spy in your lunch?? Used to love those things as a kid, but let's face it, we would have lived on biscuits if we could have!!


Spyder said...

Lovely little images and is that your lunch??? well, that beats my cold cup of tea!!

Paula Gale said...

Trust Brenda to spy the club biscuit LOL... good luck with the job... hope you can explain in a future post what foster practice is - I know you're a vet but would love to know more (I dead nosey you see)!!

Hopefully you'll be able to visit next week...

Paula x x x