Sunday, 11 April 2010

Happy Day!!

Just a quick post before I go to's been a lovely day outside so I haven't done any cardmaking as I went out for dinner to a lovely country pub with one of my oldest friends (ie one I've known the longest, not oldest age-wise). We had a lovely meal, a good catch up and then a nice cup of tea with her parents when I dropped her home. We didn't see each other for absolutely ages when we were both at uni etc and I'm so pleased we've got back to meeting up more frequently.

BUT the most exciting event today was the arrival of my cousin's first baby! She was born at 3.31am, 8pounds 7ounces and Gaz & Lisa (the proud parents) have called her Olivia. I was privileged to get the first picture via mobile phone and she's beautiful (as Gaz said, she has fortunately got her mummy's looks)!

Anyway, off to bed for me, and perhaps will get a chance to craft tomorrow afternoon if all goes to plan, before going to my first proper ZUMBA class in the evening - fun fun fun!!

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Mandy said...

Hi Esme,
I love it when I can catch up with my friends so I soo pleased you had a lovely time...
Mandy xx