Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Long Time No See!!!

It's been so long since I've actually posted anything, I'll have to try to remember how!!
Quick update on the things in life that have kept me from the blogs....
1) Mum ruptured her cruciate on holiday back in September, so wasn't able to walk (or cook/clean/iron/drive/shop) and has just had her second operation to reconstruct the cruciate ligament, so hopefully is on the mend now. I've been taking her to physio/hydrotherapy twice a week since then, and it's been a bit manic.
2) My lovely Grandad has dementia and we finally moved him into a dementia care home in November as he really wasn't coping (even with 4-times daily care visits), so there was a lot of travelling up and down to Staffordshire with my Dad to move things into the home and try to clear some of the stuff out of his bungalow so we can redecorate.
3) Christmas - I did make Christmas cards but had no time to blog them!4
4) Grandad's bungalow had burst pipes on Boxing Day and was completely sodden throughout, so the last few weeks Dad & I have been boxing all the crockery/ornaments to bring home so that we can get someone in to take the furniture away and pull up the now-mouldy carpets!
5) I've got to have surgery on both my shoulders after the last 2yrs of pain. Right shoulder is being operated on 17th Feb and no idea about the left shoulder or recovery time.

SOOOO.... I really hope to spend more time catching up with everyone, and may even get around to blogging my jewellery making stuff too as I finished my locum job on the 21st Jan and probably won't be working again til after my surgery. I've missed blog-world!

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Mandy said...

Great to see you back..Sounds like you had a bad end to the year the same as me...Will be lovely to see your creations again....Hope 2011 is better for you and your family...
Mandy x